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It's More Than Just the Food You Eat!

It's How You Treat Yourself, Others & The World!

You're confused about what to put in your body

You feel like your relationships have no meaning to them.

You're not sure what your contribution to the world should be.


Sage Root 

Sage Root is not just the name of a company but rather a feeling of connection to yourself, to others and to the world.   Sage means old wise soul and Root is just that, the roots or foundation of you.  Life is going to throw some crazy stuff at you but finding who you truly are and how you then form meaningful relationships and share your purpose with the world matters.  Sage Root is here to help you find that so you can start living a meaningful life much faster.  


All of my recipes contain minimal ingredients and always include Real Food ingredients.   


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How you treat yourself is the key to it all but it is more than the food you eat.   Let's get into all of it. 

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