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Are You Building Your Body Into The Ultimate Tool?

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

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If you are a kid that grew up in the 90’s the only muscle girls you saw were the body builder types. The ones with veins sticking out and biceps bigger than most boys. I don’t ever remember muscles being a good thing growing up, it was always just a get skinny thing drilled into our heads.

Yeah right, get skinny on super processed junk food that poured out of the convenience era, that makes sense.

Even into the early 2000’s when I was finishing high school and moving to college the whole building muscle thing was for athletes and I was certainly not one of those. Remember I got cut from the high school cheerleading team because I couldn’t do a back flip. Something abut your legs over your head and boobs hitting you in the face just didn’t jive with me.


As I have gone through my own health journey and tried for years to just get skinny I have learned that muscles really are a very important piece.

Look when I got to my lowest weight I thought I would be happy but what I saw staring back at me was flab and jiggle. Yes I saw weak abs, low upper body strength and thick thighs.

I was frustrated and confused. Here I was working my butt off to lose weight only to get there and realize that’s not the body I wanted.

So what did I want?

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I knew I didn’t want to look like a body builder, they look great don’t get me wrong but average girl over here, I don’t need all these muscles. But I want some, I don’t want to look like a flabby abby.

So I started lifting weights. I tried a few different programs and started with good ol’ 10lb weights. I worked through a few different programs and started putting on the muscle, but super slow and not really the way I wanted to.

Now if you know anything about the human body you know that muscle weighs more than fat so if you still have an unhealthy relationship with the scale you will play this mental mind fuck game and ultimately sabotage yourself.

When I finally started learning about nutrition and how foods are used in the body and what is actually important, shit started to click.

Without getting super science here let’s just break down how food is used.

  1. Protein is your building block, it literally builds your body.

  2. Carbohydrates are used for energy and are stored in your muscles. Why do you think you get a better muscle picture in the afternoon after you have fed your muscles? At least I do.

  3. Fats, wells fats do a lot of things like help the body absorb nutrients and produce hormones. Yes those pesky hormones that not only come around once a month but also every other hormone that controls how you function and sleep on a daily basis.

So these three things work together to build your body, amongst an array of other things as well but I won’t get into those.

What I learned about my body specifically was that one I was not feeding my body enough fuel during the day so how the heck was it going to build the muscle I wanted and two I was definitely not hydrating enough, another thing of vital importance.

But let me tell you it was scary for me to start eating more calories and specifically carbohydrates. Go back to my comment about the unhealthy relationship with the scale. It scared me to try and eat more food because it could mean the scale goes up, it could mean belly fat, it could mean sluggishness. To say that I was scared was an understatement.

And I am not going to sugar coat it and say those things didn’t happen, they absolutely did happen. They happened a lot which led to more mental games.

I finally had to start the transition from processed foods that I thought were healthy and were getting me the macronutrients I needed, to a whole food eating plan that still gave me the macronutrients I needed but did it with real food.

It was hard at first because it required more planning on my part but once I started the process I quickly regained my love for cooking, thus Sage Root was born.

I learned how to fuel my body the right way and what was going to work for me and what wasn’t. I learned that in order to build the muscle I wanted to build I needed to keep a good balance of the things that build the muscle.

The truth is though while a part of me was wanting to build muscle for some vanity I really just wanted to be able to build my body so that I am not in a wheel chair at the age of 75. Old vegetable state people just shuffling around nursing homes in their wheel chairs scare me. So much that I will do pretty much anything to not be one of those people. I mean who does that? Don’t let me get off on a tangent about that….

So my fear of being in a wheel chair for the greatest years of my life or so they say is the driving force behind building my body the way I want it. You get this one body, this one life and I know it’s cliché to say that but I look around and so many people are wasting their bodies.

Forget social media and calendars and cars and whatever other “tools” you feel like you need to use in your daily life. The one tool you need to take care of the most and use to its maximum advantage is your body. And so many of you aren’t even doing that right. I wasn’t and it’s taken a while to figure out how to do that for me.

Get super basic and understand the three macronutrients and how you need to use real food to fuel your body. I can guarantee you that your entire life will change when you do. And it won’t be this long meal prep process where you think you don’t have time or that it will be more expensive. Girl I shop at the produce stand and Aldi and every now and

again Fresh Thyme. All three are very cheap places to get real food.

So building muscle isn’t scary any more, I am not worried about looking buff, to me if I look buff it means I am using my body for what it is meant for. To be a strong tool to help me conquer my life.

My question to you today is are building your body into the ultimate tool?

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