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How To Build A Community In 2021!

I want to talk about community.

Community has been a really big word for me because it's what this world needs right now?

In a lot of ways, 2020 brought people together but I think in a much larger way, it tore people apart and destroyed communities.

And that to me is what the world needs right now. That is what most of our world has been built on is COMMUNITY.

So how do we plan for it?

How do you plan for community?

It may seem really weird, but when you sit down and you look at how you treat the world, I think you should take a step back and go, how do I really treat the world?

How do I really act?

When I go out in public, how do I make somebody smile?

Do you try to make somebody smile?

How do you be a kind person when you go out into public?

What do you contribute to the world?

So sit down with your notebook and for 2021, if you believe like I do that we just need more community, plan how you can take action steps to build a better community.

If you need specific steps I share some great ideas on the podcast.

Listen by clicking on the image below!

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