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How To Survive The Holiday Season!

It’s holiday time!! Which can mean all sorts of parties, questions from your family members that are just unrelenting and an ungodly amount of food that you are going to regret eating come January 1st.

So let’s talk about how you can survive the holiday season with grace, a full stomach of healthy food and your sanity.

Let me preface this by saying I will never advocate for not spending time with family and friends during the holidays or not having a small slice of grandma’s famous apple pie but I will say you can thrive during the holidays and start 2021 off feeling much better.

However I also believe in creating an environment around yourself that allows you to have peace during the holiday season and survive it all with grace. If that means that you have to skip a holiday party with people that only cause drama and pain in your life then I say skip the event. It’s not an easy thing to do and it may cause fights, ridiculous conversations and unforeseen drama but in the end your mental health is much more important and you will truly find more peace this holiday season.

So that’s where I will start, if you know going to a party or being around certain family members will just cause more problems than being a joyous time, then simply don’t go. Have the conversation with the party host that you just cannot make it this year and if they keep asking questions then be honest and tell them that with everything going on this year it would be better for you to stay home. Look they are going to ask stupid questions, they are going to give you a hard time and it may get extremely awkward but at the end of the day you get one life, you don’t have to choose to be around people that are not conducive to your growth, regardless of their relationship to you.

Now if you decide to go to the party here are some tips to making it the best holiday ever.

Keep in mind the true meaning of the holiday. It is not for the pretty instagram picture, it is not for shoving your face full of food and it is not just to make someone feel good. The holidays while yes can be about family but if that family is dysfunctional and a chaotic mess then the reason for the holiday seems a little lost. Get clear with yourself on what you want the holiday to mean for you and then stick to that. The second it stops feeling like that then excuse yourself from the situation.

Speaking of shoving your face full of food, you don’t have to eat everything just because you have eaten it in the past. Yes maybe you have shoved your face full of everyone’s foods in the past but if you have taken this year to really get focused on your health don’t let any amount of peer pressure from great aunt Edna get you off course. Screw her, she doesn’t have to live in your body, she doesn’t have to feel sick the next day, you do. So if you are working to stay on a healthy routine then stick to it and don’t let anyone pressure you into something different. That goes the other way too. If you do eat healthy and everyone knows it and you want to have a small piece of pie or two don’t let anyone be ignorant about it. I tend to look at people when they make stupid comments at me like that and say “hey, my body, my life….look at me seems to be that I know what I am doing.”

Along the lines of doing things for the gram you don’t have to buy the latest and greatest thing. One thing I cannot stand is watching people buy stupid and meaningless shit for the holidays only to be in total debt after the holidays and unsure as to how they are going to pay for it all. There is absolutely no need to go into debt to “make the holidays special.” Most kids are not going to give a rats ass about all the stupid gifts and if you are buying shit because you just want to see the smile on their faces then I would encourage you to find other ways to create memories with the kids that will light up their faces. Remember the real reason for the season and don’t buy stupid shit because you think you “have” to. No need to keep up with everyone, do the holidays in the most responsible way for yourself and make it special for those around you.

Believe me I know most of this is easier said than done. It sucks to be the black sheep of the family. But when being the black sheep means you have mental toughness and a clear head going into 2021 than that is all that truly matters. I have found that getting through some of this shit and surviving the holidays in the way I see best for me is what has allowed me to give more and more to the people that matter most in my life.

Remember family doesn’t always mean blood. Family can mean close friends, neighbors, or even just your partner.

Do what you have to do in order to keep your mental clarity strong.

Do what is best for you, only you live your life so live it for you.

I hope you enjoy the holidays in whatever way is best for you. As I like to say, you do you. That includes the holidays. Make this year the best ever.

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