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How To Tough It Out

We have all heard the saying before that you just need to tough it out.

Whatever the situation you just have to get through it and move on.

And while it may seem a bit much at times there is a science to just toughing it out knowing you will be stronger for it on the other side.

I recently sat down and talked about this on the podcast which you can listen to at the link below but I wanted to share here some of those ways as well.

First you have to embrace the suck. Yes things are not going to be going the perfect way you planned but embrace it and know that you will be better for it.

Keep the bigger picture in mind. There is a bigger play so make sure your eyes are on that.

If you question yourself push harder. This one can be hard when you think you are giving it all you got but you may have some more gas in the tank. Push harder!

Think of your future self. What would that future version of yourself say if they were in the situation you are in right now? Think of them and then dig deeper to become them.

Find an accountability partner. Find someone that will help you get through it.

Never quit! This is the one thing that is sure to mess you up. Quitting will tell your mind that you are okay being mediocre. Just don't stop!

Listen to more on the podcast here:

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