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Planning For 2021 | Food, Fitness and Mindset

I don't know about you, but 2020 has been, you know, let's just call it for what it is. It's been a crazy year. So I'm ready to start planning for 2021 and all this month in December I want to talk about the different ways that you can start planning for 2021.

I want to talk about your food, your fitness and your mindset first. And look, I'm not gonna pretend to be an expert here. I'm not going to be giving you nutritional advice or fitness advice. That is not my purpose. My purpose is to just help you bridge that gap and ask some of those questions to get you thinking and planning the right things. So first things first, let's talk your food and your fitness for 2021.

Do not expect to walk into the gym and be lifting 35 pounds and become a bodybuilder overnight.

Do not expect to eat kale one time and lose 10 pounds. It's not going to happen!

You have to be realistic. You need to understand that this is a process. It does not happen overnight.

Set realistic goals for yourself when it comes to your food and your fitness. Choose a realistic plan. If you're working with somebody, make sure they understand what is realistic for you, what is going to work and what isn't

The next thing I'll say is when you go to the gym, don't be a hero. I've done this so many times and if you subscribe to my YouTube channel you will see what's on the daily, and I talk about this. (SUBSCRIBE HERE)

Go in, know your limits, know your boundaries. Don't try to show off for anybody and do what is appropriate for you.

It's also about challenging your mind. It's doing one thing that's challenging for you, everyday. So when planning for 2021 make sure you are planning things that you have never done before and that force you out of your comfort zone a bit.

Here are some more things not to do when it comes to planning for 2021.

1. Don't set out unrealistic goals that you are going to hit the gym seven days a week when you haven't hit the gym all year in 2020,

2. Don't be a hero with your food or your fitness plan and make sure that you put in those little wins.

3. Don't expect to get results just by doing the bare minimum. Challenge yourself, everyday.

How to get started.....

  • Grab a notebook and sit down to plan.

  • When it specifically comes to food, fitness and your mindset in 2021, what are your goals? Make the big long list.

  • Then I want you to ask yourself, is this a realistic goal or not? And all you have to do is put a Y or an N next to the goal. If it's not realistic, it is not a goal for 2021. (Don't remove things that just seem hard, really push yourself here to do challenging things.)

  • You can choose as many as you want, but choose your top three goals.

  • Make sure when it comes to food, fitness and mindset for 2021, they are realistic goals.

  • You can do them with enough added pressure but not too much that they become realistic!

  • Then figure out who you need to get help from to achieve them,

  • Make sure they're challenging and that you're doing something new, everyday.

  • Last is to execute against the goals everyday. Make a task list everyday of what you need to do to reach your goals and do it, everyday.

That's it!

It really isn't that hard to set goals and achieve them.

Happy Planning!


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