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What Are Your Habits?

Today I want to talk about habits, mostly because we all have them whether they are good or bad.

For some working out and eating healthy is a habit. Or reading everyday is a habit. Prime examples of good habits. But yet for others habits like always grabbing oreos at the grocery store or having a late night snack when you are not hungry are not so good habits.

We all create habits in our lives from just our day to day living but I want to go a bit deeper on that, because ultimately people are searching for more in life than habits can create.

Habits create shortcuts for you and who doesn’t love a good shortcut.

I am the queen of shortcuts when it comes to traffic. I have gotten better as I have aged and will sit a bit in traffic but if I can figure out some back road to take, you better believe I am jumping on it.

We are all looking for shortcuts, ways to get to where we want to go much faster. Well friend, habits are the way to do that for your life.

Here’s how….

You want to live a healthier lifestyle?

Create a new habit, that will give you a shortcut to building the life you want.

Go back to last week when we spoke about your future self and what she looked like. What habits do you think we have to put in place to get to that version? It’s probably not as many and not as hard as you think. I bet just by implementing one new habit at a time you could change the course of your life and you could become that version you are reaching for much sooner.

So what is the habit you need to create?

Do you need to stop buying the oreos at the grocery store, well then start using a grocery delivery service so you are not tempted.

Do you need to move your body more, well then start by making parking in the back of the lot everywhere you go must for 30 days and then you will have created a habit.

Sure you can take on much bigger challenges to create habits but I caution you when it comes to your nutrition and fitness not to take on too much at one time, you will probably fail.

I want you to also think deeper than just your food and fitness.

Think about how you set up your week. Do you go into your week stressed, tired and clueless as to what you have to do that will actually move you forward?

If so then create a new habit of sitting down on Sunday night and planning out your week. It is extremely easy but if you need a little prompt for this head over and download my weekly planner, HERE. It is very simple to fill out and will help you get clear on what you have to get done for the week.

Other habits that you could start looking at would be things that enhance your personal relationships like date night or movie night or something like that with your partner or best friend. Make it a habit to set this date every week and stick to it regardless of what comes up during the week.

When you keep your habits going you are keeping promises to yourself and ultimately setting yourself up to become the better version you are hoping for.

Habits can also be created in the negative as well. I mentioned a few earlier but the key here is to recognize that this is a bad habit. In order to do that you need to ask yourself if what you are doing would actually impact your life in a positive way. Or ask yourself would you recommend a child create the habit you have if it would ultimately impact their life negatively.

If the answer is no, then why are you doing it?

You need to treat yourself better and in order to do that you have to have good habits.

Some things that I got away from and had to recreate the habits for in my adult life have been things like:

  • Brushing my teeth at night

  • Wearing my retainer

  • Taking better care of my skin

  • Reading at least 10 pages of a self development book everyday (some of my favorites are on my website, link below)

  • Daily workouts and sometimes two

  • Meal planning and prepping

  • Weekly planning

  • Journaling

  • Manifesting and Visualizing

And really the list could go on because you could get very minute as well. Overall though having to create and re-create habits over the course of my life has given me the shortcuts to where I am today.

In my head it is all a system and systems are made up of habits which are ultimately shortcuts to get to your end goal.

I want you to think over the next week about what habits you can create for yourself that will make a positive impact on your life. If you need some help coming up with some download the habits sheet I created HERE. It will prompt you to think about what new habits you can create.

As always feel free to email me if you are stuck on habits or need some help creating new ones. Click here to email me.

Until next time…

  • jessica

Wanna listen to the podcast episode on Habits? CLICK HERE

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