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What Does Your Future Self Look Like?

Back in high school my future self was this skinny, blond haired high power wall street exec living in New York city and dominating everything in her life. She was a powerhouse and climbing the corporate ladder faster than anyone else. Oh and she was single and mingling.

You know Samantha on Sex and the City?

That was me!

Well fast forward to 2020 and I never made it to New York City, was married at 22 and fought and struggled with my weight for years. Most of the time I am still blond though so that should count for something. The point is I didn’t become that version of myself that I saw in high school but I believe I have become something better.

The future self I see now honestly isn’t all that dissimilar from the high school version. She is just married and lives in Missouri on a ranch and well let’s be honest she is still a powerhouse.

So now that I have painted a picture of my future self for you I want you to stop and think about your future self.

What does she look like?

What does she wear?

How does she do her hair, what sort of makeup does she wear?

How does she take care of herself?

How are her relationships, how does she treat people?

It’s not enough to just say oh yeah she works here and she has three kids, no what are those kids names, how are you going to raise them what does your daily life look like as that future woman?

Spend some time getting down to the nats ass of who this woman is and how she thinks and behaves. Get to know her, understand her and WANT to be her.

You got her?


Now come back to the present moment with me because let’s be honest the present moment is all we have. However that future version of yourself, she exists. She exists in another realm of time and to become her you have to start sweeping out the nonsense that gets in your way of becoming her.

Let’s start with step one: What you feed yourself today.

Does your future self lay around eating fritos and oreos all day or does she eat healthy a majority of the time and balances it out with a cupcake here and there?

My guess is the latter is more accurate. If so then why are you laying around eating fritos and oreos now?

Don’t you think that what you do today 100% affects how you feel and choices you make tomorrow?

(Sidebar but do some research on salt and sugar and the chemical reactions in your body, you will be amazed at how these almost drugs affect your decisions without you knowing it.)

Now I am not saying deprive yourself of some sort of balance or go and do some weird diet thing but what I am saying is think about that future woman the next time you polish off a small pizza and diet coke. You are not going to get to be her because the actions you are taking today don’t align with hers.

This is the same for the second thing: How are you moving your body?

When you think of that future woman do you see someone that is fit and has bounced back after having a kid or two?

Do you see yourself as part of the mommy stroller club doing pushups in the park?

Or if kids aren’t your thing do you see yourself running half marathons or biking through trails of some national park?

So circling back to the present when is the last time you hit the gym or better yet when is the last time you just took a walk outside for more than 30 minutes? If you aren’t moving your body today you are going to have a hard time completing those marathons.

Get active today because that future woman will absolutely thank you for it.

When you see this woman of the future how does she relax on a cold rainy Sunday afternoon?

Is she curled up watching netflix or does she have a fire going, a glass of wine, a big chunky blanket and a great book?

I don’t know about you but the second Sunday sounds amazing to me right now especially since it has been raining here in Missouri all week. What book is she reading, some drama novel or something that is expanding her mind?

Learning shouldn’t have stopped for you in high school or college. If you want to be the full version of your future self you have to keep reading and expanding your mind.

(Sidebar tip here you will not expand your mind from any social media.)

Learn something, sure, I just learned how to curl my hair and put on makeup from instagram but actually expanding the mind is going to take books. So pick a few out and start reading. I have a list on my website under resources if you want to check out a few of my favorites. CLICK HERE!

Those three things are key to becoming that version you see of your future self and I mean key. What are you feeding your body and your mind with to become that woman you see.

The rest with your relationships and your purpose in the world will fall in line when you start remembering that future woman every time you are faced with a decision.

What would that future woman do?

What would she say at this moment?

Would she be kind to that person online or in the grocery store or would she just be a bitch?

How would she view the actions you are taking now and what would she think about the way you are living your life right now?

My guess is she would have some pretty harsh judgments about some of your actions. I know my future self would, which is why I am working hard every day, in the present moment to prove that I deserve to be her.

It takes work, it takes listening to yourself and your body more and it takes you working extra hard to block out all the unnecessary noise this world has.

You can do it though, heck if I can do it I know you can do it and you can certainly do it before the age of 35 which is when I am figuring this shit out. If you start now you could probably be the woman you are dreaming about by the time you are 35. I feel like had I started seeing this woman I envision a lot sooner I would be in a different place but I also wasn’t exposed to the resources you are exposed to, like this blog, that is challenging you to start thinking differently about yourself, your relationships and the world.

Then start moving to make it all 1% better.

I see you in the future, I see the way you are going to change the world and I see the legacy you will leave. I see it very clear in my mind because you and I are probably friends at some point in the future. So friend let me say this, I cannot wait to see us as the badass woman we are working to become.

If you need some help sketching out what this future version of yourself looks like dont worry I have you covered. Just head over to the resources page HERE and download the PDF. Fill it out at your leisure and give as much detail to it as possible.

If you feel like sharing it with me I would love to see who you are becoming, just email me HERE.

To you and your future self I say thank you. Thank you for reading, thank you for working hard to make the world better and thank you for sharing this with other badass women like yourself that want nothing more than to become even more of a badass woman.

Until next time friends.

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