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What Will Your Relationships Look Like In 2021?

When I sit down and look at my 2021 goals, and specifically when it comes to relationships, I look at how I want to grow them.

I want to deepen those relationships that matter the most to me.

I want to give back and contribute to the people that I care about most.

I suspect you're probably the same way.

Whatever you did in 2020 with your relationships, that's on you. Okay? I'm not here to judge it. I'm not here to look at it in any way. All I'm saying is all of our relationships in some form took a hit in 2020.

So how do we improve them for 2021?

Well, first and foremost, we have to make an effort and if you're like me, I have to have a to do list. I have to have reminders. That may sound really bad that I have to have a reminder to text somebody, or I have to have a reminder sometimes to just tell my husband, I love him. It's true though, I get so focused on other things that I'm like, did I tell him I love him today?

Crazy I know but that is our relationship.

I talk more about how I plan to deepen my relationships on the podcast this week and you will want to take notes on this one because it is full of ideas!

Click the image to listen NOW!

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