Why It Matters


It took me more years than it should have to figure out what truly matters in this world and what doesn't.   Often today we see so much fake stuff out there that trying to get to the real moments of what matters in life is hard.  

For me it starts with myself and what I put in my body.   This is the food I eat, the physical movement I give myself daily and what I am feeding my mind.    All three added to my core values as a human allow me to be the person I am. 

This bleeds over into how I treat my relationships whether it is my spouse or a potential new client.   But how you treat others, matters.   It is not just hitting like on someone's post on the gram but how do you treat people in real life. 

How you are in real life and how you treat the world makes a huge difference.   Just the energy alone you put into the universe will dramatically impact your life.    Do you look at the world and see the good and how you can add more good to it?  Or do you look at the world and see nothing but the negative?

I am part of that wonderful generation that is in the middle of two worlds that constantly point fingers at one another and make excuses.   I am done listening to excuses and I am ready to jump in the game and bring order and peace back to our world.   It's going to take some negotiations, some re-learning and some hard truths but when both sides can realize how the world actually operates and figure out how to help one another we will all live with what truly matters. 

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